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Phillips is a leading international technology brand, perhaps most famous in the UK for it's innovative range of men's electrical shaving products.

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Philips or Royal Philips as it is officially known was founded in 1891 in the Netherlands. Established with the aim of producing more reliable and cost effective light bulbs to the world, father Frederik Philips purchased a factory in Eindhoven to help bring to market his son Gerard's successful experiments in carbon filaments. The company started to innovate and move into other markets in 1915 when they produced x ray tubes and developed patents in radio. Today the company have a hugely diverse portfolio of consumer electronics, healthcare items for individuals and for industrial application as well as mother and baby products. Philips continues to innovate constantly with energy and dedication and to this day the company remembers its roots and remain committed to bringing lighting resolutions to all home-owners.


With regards to the healthcare, Philips gadgets are used in settings of cardiac care and healthcare at home. The imagery system introduced by Philips is extensively used in cardiology for interventional surgery. Also, Philips has been able to introduce and bring into vogue highly efficient lighting systems that give better results with a lower consumption of energy than the systems before them. Hence, Philips has targeted the depleting energy sources and the higher electricity costs. Also, Philips has begun to sell a great variety of mother healthcare services in the European areas, including the Eastern Europe, Central Europe, UK, Germany and France.

Philips Store FAQ

How do I shop at the Philips?

The Philips online store is an extremely simple online market. The customers can select the product category themselves, or type their desired product in the search bar at the top left corner of the page.

How do I pay for the products bought?

Philips, being an extensively known and appreciated brand, has expanded the mode of payment. The customers can pay for the products bought using Maestro, Visa, Debit card or Paypal.

Why should I shop at Philips? Philips boasts of its wide variety and ample stock with confidence. The online market of Philips also shows the latest arrivals using a separate highlighted caption. Nearly all types of relevant gadgets may be found in the stores. Furthermore, if the items do not conform to the demands of the customers, they can be returned; in this case, Philips promises to return their customers’ money provided the items are returned before 28 days are over.

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