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Jessops is a leading retailer of cameras. From digital SLR’s to professional camcorders, it sells the latest photography-based technology and accessories.

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More information about Jessops

Jessops is one of the UK’s longest operating photography retailers having opened in 1935. They’ve since spread all across the UK with 28 stores nation wide and a cadre of helpful, knowledgeable staff eager to answer your questions and help you find the perfect camera, lens, or accessory and, with our special promotions code, you and get that gear for less than at most competitors. They also carry a wide variety of lenses, tripods, filters, paper, scanners, bags, and so much more.

Jessops also offers top quality photo printing including photo books, calendars, mugs, pillows and all kinds of gifts to treasure your precious images. They also provide support for you, and your camera, every step of the way by offering care plans for your camera kit, free in store set-up service, and advice on which camera to purchase depending on what it is that you wish to capture as well as expert articles covering a wide range of topics to suit your photographic needs.

Jessops is also the home of the Jessop Academy where you can sign up to learn the basics of DSLR photography, wedding and studio photography, as well as how to get the most from your compact system camera so you can reach for your full potential as a photographer, even if it’s simply a hobby.

Great Gifts From Jessops

Gift Ideas for Keen Photographers

If you are looking for a photography related gift idea, look no further than Jessops. The camera specialists have a wide range of Digital Compact Cameras from recognised brands such as Nikon, Panasonic, Canon and Pentax together with a whole host of photography accessories. Take a look at our gift guide below for inspiration and check out our range of Jessops discount vouchers to find the perfect gift for someone special.

Best Photo Ideas For enthusiasts: Jessops Digital DSLR Cameras

DSLR cameras are the most advanced shot-takers on the market and a must for photography enthusiasts that are serious about producing the best quality pictures. With interchangeable lenses and the ability to handle low-light conditions, DLSR cameras are faster functioning, have a superior range of control options, produce high level results and offer a greater depth of field. Take advantage of our incredible discount vouchers for selected Panasonic cameras and invest in a photography kit you will fall in love with such as the pocket-sized Panasonic Lumix which boasts a 30x optical zoom and 4K resolution.

Best Photo Ideas For Mums: Digital Photo Frame

There’s nothing like a photograph to bring back wonderful moments of nostalgia and with the advancements in digital technology you can showcase your photos in digital frames around your home and even share them with friends and family. Thanks to the built in wi-fi, digital photo frames are a pleasure to use. Uploading photos is simple and with one click you can share your image on social media networks and send them to recipients to store on their smartphones. What better way to treat your mother to happy memories than a digital frame gift voucher from Jessops.

Best Ideas for Dad’s: Camera Bag

If your dad is a keen photographer, he will be delighted with a camera bag specially designed for photo enthusiasts. With neatly arranged pockets and sections, there is a space for everything including camera, fold away tripod, storage cards, spare batteries and lenses. Plus it looks super cool and with a handle or strap is convenient to carry in any situation. Treat your father to a special gift he will love this Christmas and take advantage of the discount gift vouchers we have for Jessops.

Best Ideas for Photographers: Camera Lenses

Any professional photographer will tell you that it is the lens and not the camera that makes or breaks a good picture. Lenses control the quality of images projected to the imaging sensor and offer a wider range of image characteristics and focal zooms. Photographers that are serious about their art should include more than one interchangeable lens in their camera kit so treat someone special to a camera lens with a discount gift voucher for Jessops.

Best Ideas for Photography Beginners: Photography Lessons

Photography is a skill that can take time to perfect, but beginners have the chance to get off to a fast start and learn top tips by an ex-photographer. What better way of learning the art of photography than a day with an expert, so take advantage of this great offer for a discount price with our special gift voucher from Jessops.

How To Choose The Best DLR Camera

DSLR cameras used to be so expensive they were reserved for professionals and photography enthusiasts that could afford to stump up £1000+ for an advanced camera kit. Top-of-the-range cameras still carry a hefty price tag, but thanks to advancements in digital technology and the growing popularity of DSLR cameras, the market has opened up for photographers of all levels – and with our special gift vouchers offering discount deals, you can make even greater savings.

Why buy a DSLR camera?

Thanks to larger image sensors DSLR cameras produce better quality results than a standard point and shoot or bridge camera. They have faster functions and a greater choice of scene settings and with the option to change lenses provide photography enthusiasts with a superior piece of kit that produces more clarity and depth of field.

The make and style of camera you choose really depends on a number of factors including price and the type of shots you will mostly use it for; people or places. You may also want to consider whether you prefer to use manual settings that give you more control over your shots or the built-in scene settings pre-programmed by the manufacturers.

Whatever your purpose and preferences, below is a brief guide of things to consider when buying a DSLR camera. Fortunately for you, Jessops have a wide range of cameras from leading brands to choose from. And we have some great discount vouchers on selected items.


When investing in a DSLR camera, choose an established manufacturer with a proven track record of producing photography equipment. To give you an idea, here is a list of DSLR cameras and manufacturers recommended by experts.


The price tag is often a deciding factor when choosing a camera so set yourself a budget. But don’t forget, we have some great discount offers on a range of top cameras to choose from so take advantage of our gift vouchers and treat yourself or someone special to a quality camera for a reduced price.

Sensor size

The size of the imaging sensor has a huge impact on the quality of your photographs and DLSR cameras have a wide range of sensor sizes. The more megapixels a sensor has the more sensitive the lens is to detail and delivers superior results, so look for a camera with a 21MP-24MP or above.

Focal range

Zoom lenses give you more versatility and depth in frame so it is advisable to select a DSLR camera with a focal range rather than a single prime range. If you are mostly taking photographs indoors, of people of close up items a 12x zoom is sufficient, but for greater scope for landscape photographer you want to look for a 21x zoom or more.

Adaptable lenses

Lenses have a huge impact on the quality of a photograph and serious photographers should have a choice of several lenses. When choosing a DSLR, check what lenses are available for the camera. You can find more information about choosing a lens here.

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