FreedomPop Discount Code and Deals

FreedomPop offers a completely free monthly plan to their customers, as well as a great range of other low-cost plans for those who need a bit more data and minutes.

More Information about FreedomPop

FreedomPop is a revolutionary new service providing basic mobile connectivity for free. In this day and age of hyper fast messaging, 24/7 connection now more than ever as a society we demand quick internet connect and the ability to talk with our friends, family and relatives at the drop of the hat. FreedomPop agrees, in fact, they raise the stakes even further by stating that mobile connectivity is a right and they are the solution to providing free mobile access. Of course, they are business and so they offer more advanced mobile plans. But, you won't be ripped off, Freedompop is proud of the fact that they charge way below the market rate for mobile phone plans and packages. FreedomPop coverage is always reliably available across the UK, and they plan to expand overseas in the near future without charging exorbitant roaming fees. Dealsindiscount are fans, we've certainly been shocked by those high fees when we check our mobile bill after a holiday to Europe!

How to Get a Free Mobile Network with FreedomPop

FreedomPop has arrived in the UK launching a free mobile network. We know this sounds like a fairytale, and you might be thinking 'Where's the catch' or 'This is too good to be true'. Actually, with FreedomPop it's not, they strongly believe that everyone has the right to free mobile contracts. Following on from the revolution they helped trigger in the US market, they are now bringing the same spirit to the UK mobile market.

The first 10,000 users of FreedomPop got a fixed for life package of 1,000 minutes, 1,000 texts and 1GB of data for free for the opening month of the contract. And, while it may be too late for you to claim such an incredible discount, we can't overstate this enough, there is some amazing freebie sim card mobile contracts up for grabs on FreedomPop.

For free you can get packages which include minutes, thousands of texts and free internet data, like this: 200 Voice Minutes, 200 texts and 200mb of data. Remember, that's absolutely free, but if you feel you need more internet data than that and many of us do, with the way communication has changed recently, you can pay for a plan with an upgraded data allowance, you'll get moe minutes and text too! Please note on the free packages any data use past your allocated allowance will result in charges, but if you are a limited internet user then you've found the perfect sim for you.

If you decide to select a paid plan you'll still find that FredomPop's costs are a reduction of almost 70% as compared with traditional providers like EE, 02 and Vodafone.

Example Discount Codes From FreedomPop

FreedomPop's unique selling point is the number of freebies they give away as standard. Below are some fantastic examples of this in the past, 2250Mb of data for free - just for buying a sim card? For our latest live offers, scroll to the top of this page for a selection of great freebies and deals.

  • Unlimited Minutes, Texts, And 4GB Data For £9.99 Per Month
  • Free Mobile Phone Service
  • Free 2250MB Data When You Buy A SIM Card
  • Free Basic 200 Plan Every Month